About Us

Tropical Land Limited represent Peruvian farmers from the heart of San Lorenzo Piura valley, located in North of Peru. This valley has a privileged geographical location, it is a beautiful and vast territory with an abundance of natural resources, a variety of ecosystems and an enormous Biodiversity. In this valley you can find a great variety of products such as mangoes, grapes, bananas, avocados, limes to name just a few. 


Our work team lives in the area where the fruit comes from. this is the key to guarantee the quality of the product. We have more than ten years of experience in the Agro-export sector supplying importers from the French and German markets.

Our capacity and experience allows us to operate on a wide range of agricultural products due to the fact that we have developed a wide network of strategic partners with commercial influence in different productive valleys covering a large part of the Peruvian territory.