Ours star fruit is Mangoes, we are specialists in fresh Mangoes. The Peruvian Mangoes is a delicacy of excellent quality. It is a healthy fruit, red and yellow, a good size with a fibrous, juicy flesh and a pleasant sweet taste.

Varieties: Kent. Edward. Haden. Keiz, Ataulfo.
Region: Piura, Lambayeque & Ancash
Available: December- May
Packing: Corrugated cardboard
Box weight: +/- 4.0 Kg box.

Mangoes by Boat:

Size 6: 630-720 gr.            Size 10: 380-425 gr.
Size 7: 555-620 gr.            Size 12: 320-380 gr.
Size 8: 488-555 gr.            Size 14: 280-320 gr. 
Size 9: 425-488 gr.

Ripen in the tree Premium Quality

"There is no mango fresher than the air one"

We emphasize that we are talking about a product matured on the tree, not in the travel process this makes the difference in quality and flavor because in a maximum of 4 days after harvest it will be on the consumers table ready to eat.

Varieties: Kent. Edward. Haden. Keiz, Ataulfo.  
Available: December- May 
Packing: Corrugated cardboard 
Box weight: +/- 6.0 Kg box. 

Size 7 : From 845 - 895 g         Size 9: From 660 - 700 g
Size 8 : From 740 - 785 g         Size 10 : From 500 - 530 g